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Anthony Gaalaas

Worlds top credit repair expert featured on CNBC, ABC, CNN...  Owner of the nations most successful credit repair agency that has helped over 10,000 people achieve their dreams

Before you read I want you to know one simple truth:
The credit game is rigged, and not in your favor.  What I'm about to share with you will give you the tools to finally beat the odds and start winning the game of credit so you no longer are forced to be a slave to it....

Credit, The Game you weren't meant to win...

Imagine coming home from work in the car that you paid off a few years ago.  It's been a good reliable car so there hasn't been a huge reason to upgrade, and besides you were saving money not having a monthly loan payment.

As you're driving you think about what to have for dinner and that one coworker that always rubs you the wrong way it makes the job (that you may not love) just that much harder to go into, but you have to pay the bills.

Then all of the sudden you hear a deafening crash.

At that moment you realize you were just hit by another car.

In a moment of pure adrenaline and slightly disoriented from the crash you hop out of the car and find out the other driver and you are both ok, thankfully.  

But your car looks bad...

As soon as the police officer is on his way a thought hits you.

How in the world am I going to pay for this?!  I have insurance, but there is a deductible, I've got a house payment and other bills due in a week and I have no way to get to work.

Not to mention the couple credit cards I have are maxed because I had to make some unexpected purchases last month.

A few days later the car insurance adjuster calls you.

"I wanted to let you know we did the claim on your vehicle and it is totaled, but we are going to write you a check for the value of the car"

Oh good! you think, I'll have money to go purchase another car.

"Your check will be for the amount of $2,500, I will drop it off to you tomorrow" says the insurance adjuster and hangs up.

$2,500?  What kind of car can I get for that?!

After going to a local dealership you realize the hard truth, even with a $2,500 down payment the only car you can afford is used and comes with a 9% loan.

Realizing you have no other option you take the deal...

The Cost Of Bad Credit

You see, they (the banks and credit card companies) actually like people who have bad to mediocre credit.

Why?  Because they can make more money!

Look at it this way, if you have a bad credit score and got a 60 month loan for a $50,000 new car you would end up paying $21,370 in interest.

But if you had an excellent credit rating and secured a 2% interest rate with the same terms of 60 months on a $50,000 loan you would only pay $2,583 in interest.

That's a savings of $18,787 or $313.12 per month!

Just think of all the better ways you could spend $313.12 per month, you could even buy yourself the most expensive Starbucks drink every morning just to celebrate your savings and still have money left over!

Want to Buy A House?  Make Sure You're Prepared...

One of your biggest purchases may well be your home.

And in the last 20 years home prices have basically doubled, so it's more important than ever to be sure you've got better credit so your not flushing money down the toilette.

(But don't worry even if you've already purchased your home there are ways to get better interest rates)

For example, let's say you purchased a new home for $500,000 - your dream home.

If you have bad credit you can expect to pay DOUBLE the amount of your loan in interest alone!  Equating to over $1,000,000 in interest over the 30 years of your loan!

And That's Not All, They Are Now Checking Your Credit for So Many Other Things

I'm sure you're aware of how they check credit to get credit cards, loans and sometimes even bank accounts.

But did you know that currently they can check your credit when you apply for a job?!

They are even allowed (by law) to refuse to hire you because of it!

Don't forget about:
- Renting a home
- Security Clearances
- Starting a business
- Getting license and bonded
- Getting insurance

And so much more...

This Feels Hopeless - I Need A Credit Life Preserver!

If this feels like a lot of bad news and like your fighting an uphill battle - you're right.

It's not pretty, and that's where I come in.

I have spent the majority of my working life figuring out how to help honest people like you win this credit game - the game they invented to be in their favor.

As an intelligent person you know that going to a casino is a gamble and they say "the house always wins"

Well, credit is a lot like that.

Until you know how the game is setup.

Let's Stack The Deck in Your Favor...

Like you I was a slave to the credit game - working hard to try and pay back debts only to have a worse credit score not knowing how I would ever get out of it.

And then I met a man who showed me it isn't hopeless.  He taught me all about how the game works and how to change it in my favor legally...

Frankly, this is something the credit bureaus do not want you to know!

Then I got to work.

I fixed my credit, then a few friends and perfected a system to legally force the credit bureaus to correct credit "mistakes" and give you a higher score.

I eventually started a credit restoration company - which has turned into the company with the highest success rate in the US.

Now, I want to share my secrets with you...

Here's What Some Of My Customer Have To Say:

β€œWith over $40,000 of loans in collections I did not know where to turn. But after a friend referred me to ACE Credit Restoration, it was like a breath of fresh air! Not only did they teach me how to negotiate, but they helped stop the creditors from calling and threatening me. We were able to settle for a lot less and remove all those derogatory items. Thanks!”


Dallas TX

β€œI wanted to thank you for helping me raise my credit score. Your service has raise my Equifax credit score nearly 100 points. Because of this I was able to buy a car with a loan from my credit union. I got a great rate thanks to you. I really appreciate it and I will recommend you and your company to anyone that needs help. Thanks!”


Dripping Springs TX

The Only Blueprint For Better Credit.

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It's literally so easy a 4th grader could do it (so give it to your kids for a little extra credit πŸ˜‰ )

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