"Today your Credit Report & Scores
will dictate your Financial Future!"

- Anthony Gaalaas, Founder & Credit Coach

Numerous times each year, your “Credit Reports & Scores” are checked to:

- Buying or leasing a car
- Buying a renting a home
- Getting a job, a promotion, or security clearance
- Getting auto, home, health, and even life insurance

- Starting a business
- Getting licensed and bonded
- Opening a bank account
- and the list goes on…

Watch this 5 min Introduction Video to understand the value of  why you “NEED to KNOW” the Rules of the “Credit Game” how to play properly to WIN and BUILD long lasting WEALTH!!!


So, if you finance a new vehicle every 5 years for the next 30 years with bad credit, you could be paying an ADDITIONAL $113,040.00 for your vehicles.  Add the $696,600.00 for mortgage interest  over the next 30 years, and you’re looking at a cost of:

That’s like flushing ALL that
money down the toilet!!!

And if you would have invested the
$809,640.00over the 30 years,
you could have turned it into

WOW!!!  That's INSANE!!!

In Your Credit Blueprint You'll Discover:

Credit Profile & Scores: What are they used for
Identity Theft: Can it be prevented
Credit Monitoring: Why you should use a service
Credit Reports: What is and is not on your reports
Credit Scores: How are scores calculated
Credit Laws: Know your rights
Getting Married: Do not join credit
Divorce: Is your ex’s credit still stalking you
Student Loans: Navigate repayment programs
Lates: Missing a monthly payment
Collections: How to deal with debt collectors
Bankruptcy: Should you file and life after bankruptcy
Judgments & Tax Liens: Fresh start from the government
Credit Counseling & Debt Management: Learn why this is bad
Credit Repair: On your own or hiring a professional
Excellent Credit: How to build credit to leverage wealth
Bonus: get a free one on one credit consultation with one of our trained specialists

Success Stories:

“Anthony, I wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for all your work on my credit report.  It’s been a little less than six months and my Credit Score is up 200 points!  I never thought I would get them back to a good standing!  This is life changing for me.  I can’t thank you enough. I just can’t believe it!  You have been a gift from God.”

Amy – Waukegan, IL

“Anthony, I had credit scores on three bureaus that ranged from 500 to 550.  In less than 6 months time, my scores have gone through the roof.  My current scores on all three bureaus are over 700. I can honestly say with no reservation whatsoever that this was the best investment that I have made in quite some years.”

Michael – Fayetteville, NC

Buy a house with my credit?  No way!!!  It would take a miracle. Well guess what?  A miracle came along – Anthony Gaalaas and his Credit Education Program!!!  Now my dreams can come true.  I will recommend Anthony to everyone!!!”

Peter – Orlando, FL


Over the years as a Financial Planner, Mortgage Consultant, and Real Estate Investor, I have learned a lot to help myself and others get ahead financially, but I quickly realized there was one important element I’d been missing – the knowledge in understanding the rules of the “Credit Game” and how your Credit Profile & Scores if leveraged properly will drastically affect your overall financial future.  Unfortunately, they don’t teach us these things in high school or college and there’s NO handbook either!

I came to realize that there’s a huge need to get this message out there!  So, I started this educational company with the main GOAL to educate everyone, starting with YOU!!!  Whether you are a consumer or business owner; stay at home mom or CEO; first time home buyer or master investor; young or old; married or single; I want to equip you with this knowledge so you can improve the financial path you’re on.  Regardless of your situation, I want you to succeed at whatever financial & credit related challenges you are dealing with and change your financial future forever!

Whether or not you agree with the “Rules” by which we play, there are several reasons why you need to learn how to play this “game” or you will be left behind with the general public by remaining ignorant of the fact that you can “WIN” and have a successful financial future!

Don’t be just another victim of the system!  Follow my program and learn how to protect your best asset to leverage WEALTH… your Credit Profile & Scores!

Anthony Gaalaas

Founder & Wealth Building Coach

Some Of The Places Anthony Has Been Featured...

Anthony was featured on CCTV World News - the People’s Bank of China - “Will China allow a credit reporting system for use within the private sector”

Anthony was a featured as a Master Mentor for Chris Record’s - TecAdemics - “Education solution within the lucrative, fast-growing and high-demand industry of digital marketing”

Anthony was featured speaker at Ann Sieg's - Great Wealth Transfer Expo - “Teaching elite internet marketers how to make millions online”

Anthony was featured on Mike Dillard’s - The Elevation Group - “Empowering the people of the world with the investing strategies of the ultra-wealthy”

Anthony was featured on Paul Haarman’s - Shift Warrior - “To promote financial literacy and help people better understand modern financial strategies”

Anthony was featured on 1370 AM Talk Radio - The Experts Corner - “Some of the best financial and lifestyle experts in their field - put an expert in your corner”

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*While we do achieve better credit scores for all clients, we cannot guarantee how much yours will increase or the likelihood that it will stay at the credit score achieved.

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We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.